Video Guide

Watch this for a full tutorial on how to create your bot, connect your bot, and create folders/chats in less that 5 minutes.




This guide will walk you through the following:

  • Creating a discord bot
  • Connecting to Comcord

Creating a discord bot:

Go to the discord developer portal at and log in with your normal discord account.

Click on the "New Application" button.

new app image

Give your bot a name, the display name is configured elsewhere, so dont worry too much about this.

give name image

Select "Bot" on the side menu.

select bot menu image

Here you can configure your bots display name and profile picture. We will come back to this section later to get the token.

bot details image

The Public Bot option should ideally remain OFF. However if you need to get the bot into a server you do not personally own, you can temporarily enable this to allow someone else to invite your bot.

public bot setting image

Enable all privileged gateway intents, these unlock more information on the bot, for example information about reactions and events like a user joining your server.

gateway intents image

Dont forget to save your changes!

save changes image

Now that your bot is configured, click the "Reset Token" button and keep hold of the token. If you forget this you can always reset it. Its important to keep this safe as it is the password and unique identifier to your bot. Please note that this does not give access to your personal account in any way, these are completely seperate entities.

get token image

Next go to the URL Generator to create your bots invite link.

side menu url image

Tick the bot option.

bot tick image

Tick the admin option. This ensures that new Comcord features will work uninterrupted by your bot settings.

admin tick image

And finally, keep hold of your bot invite link. This can be regenerated if you lose it.

Paste the bot link into your browser, and discord will ask you which server you want to invite the bot to.

You must own the server or have the relevant privileges to invite the bot. Its best to give the link to the owner of the server.

generate url image

Connecting to Comcord:

After signing up to Comcord, go to and enter your bot token into the "Discord auth key" field. Dont forget to save.

comcord details image

Go to the comcord page at, if your user card has loaded correctly with your profile picture and name, everything is working as expected!

user card image

In regards to the other features, play around with it and find out what does what, if you have any problems reach out to us at